School Priorities 2020-21

Our key improvement priorities for the forthcoming year are as follows. Everyone in our school community - leaders, staff, governors, MAT, pupils and parents - has a key role to play in ensuring our school provides the very best for our children, enabling them to achieve well.


PRIORITY 1: Securing good evidence of actions and impact of from previous Ofsted (overall effectiveness)


  • Addressed all key issues from Ofsted 2016 


PRIORITY 2: Closing the gap and improving outcomes for all pupils


  • To rapidly improve student outcomes as per agreed targets so 2020/21 KS2 outcomes for accountability measures are above floor standard.
  • 5% gaps in the progress of gender, ethnicity, PP, SEND and other groups.
  • All pupils will be making good progress


PRIORITY 3: to raise standards for all pupils, with a particular focus on maths reasoning & reading


  • Clear opportunities for and evidence of reasoning in every maths lesson
  • Consistency in presentation
  • Challenge / extension tasks available for all pupils every lesson
  • Challenge / extension tasks accessed independently by pupils
  • Pupils demonstrate confidence in applying skills in different contexts, situations and across different genre
  • Improved maths and reading attainment data


PRIORITY 4: Early Years


  • Increase numbers on roll
  • Monitoring shows consistent high quality provision across EYFS
  • Rapid progress and improvement seen in EYFS (that matches pace of progress in rest of the school)
  • Marketing used effectively to develop a positive reputation and good standing in the community
  • Improved attendance so good habits are embedded early and learning opportunities can be maximised


PRIORITY 5: Promote St Matthew’s widely and proudly so that we become a school of choice, with full rolls and healthy finances


  • Excellent early years provision
  • Strong progress and attainment, particularly at the end of Key Stage 2, which attracts parents Marketing of the school and sharing of successes to ensure local and wider community have confidence in the school
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