Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

We offer time-tabled Spanish and French lessons to our Key Stage 2 pupils. At present, Years 3 and 4 learn Spanish. Year 5 and 6 learn French.

In the Early Years and Key Stage 1, a variety of languages are celebrated through counting, greetings, songs and stories, as appropriate in various classroom situations. A lunchtime club runs at various points in the year for Key Stage 1 pupils to enjoy a taster of French through songs and games. 

At St Matthew’s we believe that learning a foreign language is important because:

  • Through the study of a foreign language, pupils understand and appreciate different countries, cultures, people and communities - and as they do so, begin to think of themselves as citizens of the world as well as of the United Kingdom.
  • Pupils also learn about the basic structures of language. They explore the similarities and differences between the foreign language they are learning and English or another language, and learn how language can be manipulated and applied in different ways.
  • Their listening, reading and memory skills improve, and their speaking and writing become more accurate. The development of these skills, together with pupils' knowledge and understanding of the structure of language, lay the foundations for future study of other languages.
  • Competent speakers of another language communicate with people from other countries and cultures through speaking, listening, reading and writing
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