Our Curriculum

Christian values and high expectations are at the heart of all aspects of our school life, providing a safe and happy learning environment where children are encouraged to develop respect, self-esteem and confidence. We aim to find exciting ways to educate and this is reflected in our curriculum which includes and exceeds all aspects of the National Curriculum. We use a thematic and cross curricular approach to drive and stimulate learning across the curriculum as well as support pupils in making links between information and skills. Our pupils learn to use key learning behaviours (such as resilience, reflectiveness, resourcefulness) to enable their understanding of the concepts and skills across each subject as we believe that that this approach provides our pupils with a meaningful and motivational way of learning enabling them to become successful lifelong learners. 

High standards in English and mathematics are a priority with opportunities for children to apply their skills and knowledge in context. Technology is used to support learning throughout the school. Science, computing, art, music, Physical Education, modern foreign languages, history, geography are taught in an engaging and practical way. Please use the links in the column to the left to find out more about each subject.

Our curriculum is also further enhanced with regular opportunities to deepen pupils’ cultural experiences, from utilising our nearby transport links into London with theatre and museum visits to welcoming a range of visitors into our school.

We regularly make use of our vast school grounds throughout the curriculum and beyond. Learning outdoors is something we are passionate about, whether we are encouraging our pupils to experiment, discover, connect to the natural world or engage in outdoor sports and adventure activities. We use Outdoor Learning for academic, social, mental health, wellbeing, inter and intra-personal development. 

Throughout the year we offer a range of opportunities for parents and carers to come in to school to experience lessons and approaches to learning for themselves as well as workshops and information sessions focusing on a range of subjects.


Please see below, for an overview of curriculum content for each year group:

If you require any further information about our curriculum, or for paper copies of curriculum documents please contact us here


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