Our pupils learn to read and spell through a phonics-based approach using the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme. 

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The programme begins with our children learning to recognise and form each of the 40+ phonic sounds correctly. This quickly progresses to the reading and spelling (blending and segmenting) of phonically decodable words, as well as the recognition of words that cannot be read using phonics (we call these ‘red words’). When this learning has been consolidated, our children learn to read to alternative graphemes for these sounds.Read Write Inc set 1 2 3 sounds imageLively texts are used alongside the teaching and application of the phonic sounds, which helps develop confidence in reading as fluency and comprehension improves. From Year 1 through to 6, children develop their critical reading skills through daily Book Club sessions where a range of quality whole texts are explored and unpicked to widen their reading diet. 

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