Who's Who - Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs J Lightfoot                  
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K Penfold
Assistant Headteacher Miss J Hills
School Business Manager Mr T Cooper


Teaching Staff

Mrs M Baillie-Young Mrs K Moor
Mrs L Caswell Mrs K Moyle - KS2 Phase Leader
Mr D Challenger Miss A Powell
Miss Cunnington - Early Years & KS1 Phase Leader Mr B Preston                                                                  
Miss G Forbes-Wood Mrs A Puplett
Miss L Hekmoun Mrs R Semple
Mrs J Hill - SENCO Mr J Skuse
Mr M Hill Mr W Taylor
Mrs H Junkison Miss G Williams
Ms L King Mrs E Worthington
Mr D Knox                      


Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Asif Mrs S Jancek
Miss C Bailey Miss S Kelly
Mrs M Barrett Mrs K Jeffery
Mrs P Cruickshank Miss J Knight
Mrs S Dhakal Mrs S Lawrence
Mrs R Elphick Mrs D Lockey
Miss S Farnham Mrs M Pareek
Mrs S Framp Mrs C Pusey
Miss S Franklin Mrs K Shuttleworth
Mrs K Frew Mrs G Vurc

Our Teaching Assistants also supervise lunchtime activities. 


Clerk to the Governors Mrs L Thurston
Office Manager Miss S Cramp
Senior School Assistant Mrs A Cale
School Assistant Mrs F Marie
Child, Family & Learning Support Worker Mrs C Adjei
Premises Manager Mr V Honchar
Premises Team Mr P Charman
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs K Shuttleworth
Catering Staff Ms S Adams, Mrs V Mulligan & Ms S Jury 
Road Crossing Patrol  Mrs S Saunders
  • 01:09 PM - Sat 7 December Today is the Christmas fair! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Thank you to everyone who's helping, has prepared and donated
  • 04:12 PM - Fri 6 December Thank you for the fabulous training Year 1 will be delighted with their message from fabulous Billy and the Beast author
  • 02:54 PM - Thu 5 December Thank you to our friends centre for having us joining in their 50th anniversary. Our children love their riding lessons and gain so much from them.
  • 11:29 AM - Tue 3 December Our staff are meeting with our Educational Psychologist, Dr Makin, to look at systems and processes for how we support all groups of children in our school.
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