Who's Who - Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs J Lightfoot                  
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K Penfold
Assistant Headteacher Miss J Hills
School Business Manager Mr T Cooper


Teaching Staff

Mr S Allkins Mrs H Junkison
Mrs M Baillie-Young Mr D Knox
Miss R Binney Mr K Moor
Mr D Challenger Mrs K Moyle - KS2 Phase Leader
Miss E Christie Mrs A Puplett
Mr A Dowie Mrs K Rose - SENCO
Miss S Farnham  Mrs R Semple 
Miss G Forbes-Wood - Sun Class Mr J Skuse 
Miss L Hekmoun - Early Years & KS1 Phase Leader Ms M Sobrado
Mr M Hill Mr W Taylor
Miss G Johnson  


Teaching Assistants

Miss T Allwright Asif Mrs S Jancek
Mrs A Asif Miss J Knight
Mrs M Barrett Mrs S Lawrence
Mrs P Cruickshank Mrs D Lockey
Miss N Dauncey Mrs C Pusey
Mrs S Dhakal Mrs K Shuttleworth
Mrs R Elphick Mrs K Sinnick
Mrs S Framp Mrs G Vurc
Mrs K Frew  


Our Teaching Assistants also supervise lunchtime activities. 


Clerk to the Governors Interim (SLA) 
Office Manager Miss S Cramp
Senior School Assistant Mrs A Cale
School Assistant Mrs F Marie
Child, Family & Learning Support Worker Mrs C Adjei
Premises Manager Mr V Honchar
Premises Team Mr P Charman
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs K Shuttleworth
Catering Staff Mrs V Muhilan & Ms S Jury 
Road Crossing Patrol  Vacancy with Surrey County Council
  • 03:37 PM - Thu 5 May Nice day for a game of cricket 🏏
  • 01:40 PM - Thu 5 May Our representatives enjoyed their trip to Cathedral Two children explained to the congregation the activities organised by the children at St Matthew's to raise money for the Bishop's Lent Appeal supporting those without somewhere to live
  • 10:21 AM - Thu 5 May We enjoyed welcoming parents for our Maths workshop this morning. If you weren't able to attend this morning there's still chance to join on Zoom tonight, please contact the school office for details.
  • 04:58 PM - Wed 4 May Our anti-bullying ambassadors had an inspiring day with the Diana Award Charity and lots of chances to share the strategies we use and shape ideas for the future. Thank you for hosting!
  • 04:46 PM - Wed 4 May Wonderful to welcome the new Bishop of Croydon designate to our Foodbank today! Not to mention visits to and
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