Who's Who - Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs J Lightfoot                  
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K Penfold
Assistant Headteacher Miss J Hills
School Business Manager Mr T Cooper


Teaching Staff

Mr S Allkins Miss G Johnson
Mrs M Baillie-Young Mrs H Junkison
Miss R Binney Mr D Knox
Mr D Challenger Mrs K Moor
Miss E Christie Mrs K Moyle - KS2 Phase Leader
Miss Cunnington - Early Years & KS1 Phase Leader Mrs A Puplett 
Miss S Farnham  Mrs S Schauffer 
Miss G Forbes-Wood - Sun Class Mrs R Semple
Miss L Hekmoun Mr J Skuse 
Mr J Hill Ms M Sobrado
Mr M Hill Mr W Taylor


Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Asif Mrs S Jancek
Mrs M Barrett Mrs K Jeffery
Mr J Carter Miss J Knight
Mrs P Cruickshank Mrs S Lawrence
Miss N Dauncey Mrs D Lockey
Mrs S Dhakal Mrs C Pusey
Mrs R Elphick Mrs K Shuttleworth
Mrs S Framp Mrs G Vurc
Mrs K Frew  


Our Teaching Assistants also supervise lunchtime activities. 


Clerk to the Governors Mrs A Stone 
Office Manager Miss S Cramp
Senior School Assistant Mrs A Cale
School Assistant Mrs F Marie
SENCO Mrs K Rose
Child, Family & Learning Support Worker Mrs C Adjei
Premises Manager Mr V Honchar
Premises Team Mr P Charman
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs K Shuttleworth
Catering Staff Ms S Adams, Mrs V Muhilan & Ms S Jury 
Road Crossing Patrol  Vacancy with Surrey County Council
  • 02:23 PM - Wed 21 July Wishing Miss Cunnington and Year 6 farewell and celebrating our achievements with times tables medals and certificates
  • 06:57 PM - Tue 20 July Year 2 making St Matthew's sing (and dance) again!
  • 12:09 PM - Tue 20 July Some of our Nursery children wearing their graduation hat and robe for a special celebration. Their next graduation will be from university. Continue to aim high children!
  • 08:40 PM - Mon 19 July Y5 and 6 working together on a creative writing activity. Aiming high school to finish the school year well!
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