For further information on our Governance framework, please visit our Trusts website by clicking here

Furthermore, our Scheme of Delegation provides greater detail on the roles of our Local Governing Body (LGB) and each governance tier within the Trust. A Supplementary Scheme of Delegation specific to St Matthew's has also been agreed and can be found here.

Chair of Governors: The Venerable M Astin 

Clerk to Governors: Ms Angela Stone




  • 07:38 PM - Tue 15 June Happy Arts week! Year 6 practising their surrealist art. Everyday objects in strange settings!
  • 06:45 PM - Tue 15 June 5E enjoyed their workshop and then spent time experimenting with colour
  • 06:31 PM - Tue 15 June Who can work out which artist Year 1 studying?
  • 05:56 PM - Tue 15 June Year 3 practised Van Gogh’s mark making technique using different sketch pencils
  • 05:52 PM - Tue 15 June Year 5 have started their pop art project for arts week
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