Provision for High Attaining Pupils

Who are our higher attainers?

These are children who have abilities beyond what is expected for their age in one or more academic subjects, such as English or maths, or in a more practical area of the curriculum such as music, sport or art.

At St Matthew's, higher attaining children are identified by class teachers and/or subject leaders. These children may be identified because they are attaining at levels significantly above the age related expectations for their year group or because there is an indication that they may have the potential to do so.

Provision at St Matthew’s

At St Matthew's, care is taken to provide challenge for our higher attainers both in lessons and in extra-curricular activities. The opportunities offered at St Matthew’s include:

  • Bespoke learning activities to challenge and deepen pupils' thinking and application of skills and knowledge
  • Participation in able writers’ workshops
  • Competing in inter-school quiz championships for maths, science and general knowledge
  • Visits to Brooklands Museum to take part in science activities
  • Science and maths workshops at Southwark Cathedral Education Centre
  • Participation in dance club leading to performances at The Harlequin Theatre
  • Sports coaching
  • Music tuition
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  • 02:11 PM - Fri 22 July Thank you to everyone for their kinds words, generous cards and gifts and a wonderful staff lunch organised by our parents community, coffee and prayer group. We are so proud of all we have achieved together for our children. Thank you and have a happy and safe summer break.
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