Our Mission Statement & Values


Our Vision

Outstanding in everything that we do.


Our Mission ‘The St Matthew’s way’

High educational expectations within a caring Christian Community so our children have successful futures.


Our Core Values ‘The way we do things around here’

We aim high - We are aspirational for our children, our school and ourselves

We encourage - We build people up, we recognise the value of the whole school family

We have faith - We have the courage to take risks and try new things knowing that this is a safe place and we have faith that God has great plans for the school


This is rooted in a culture of love and respect, just like everything that Jesus did.


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Matthew 25:21 – 40, depicted in the stained glass window at St. Matthew’s church inspires and informs much of what we practise as school leaders within school and beyond it.


Following this teaching shows we are firmly rooted in Kingdom Values.

  • Aim high: Christ brought out the best in everyone and so do we

  • Have faith: Christ served and challenges those around him and so do we.

  • Encourage: Christ welcomed all and so do we.


We also aim to be a school of the talents.

In the famous parable of the talents, the king gave talents to everyone.  Nobody was missed out. Some used what they were given wisely, some let their talent remain buried.

Let there be no buried talents at St Matthew’s.

We celebrate and affirm those whose gifts and talents are clear and we challenge to move on to make the most of them – children & staff. 

We are about transforming – children’s confidence, their ambitions, their life chances – we are here to make a difference.


Pupil Worship Leaders have worked together to explain their understanding of our vision, mission and values:


Our Vision

Our school wants us to be the best we can.


Our Mission ‘The St Matthew’s way’

We are a kind and loving school  with high expectations that helps people to develop their skills by learning in different ways


Our Core Values ‘The way we do things around here’

We aim high – our teachers give us challenging learning and encourage us to challenge ourselves

We encourage – our adults support us to challenge ourselves, they encourage learning in different ways. Learning is fun here.

We have faith – everyone looks after each other because that’s what the Bible teaches us.  We treat each other kindly and show respect.

You can talk to anyone at St. Matthew’s, everyone understands.





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