Catch Up Premium Spending

All children have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). The impact of lost time in education is substantial for children, particular those who are most vulnerable or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Schools have been provided with funding to support the catch-up of all children. 


At St Matthew's we understand that all children need to make excellent progress to ensure they are working at or above age-related expectations and are fully prepared for the next stage of their learning at the end of primary school. This involves:


- Catching up

- Filling gaps

- Deepening understanding

- Overcoming barriers


To find out more about our approach to ensure every child makes excellent progress, including how we intend to spend the catch-up premium, please view our Catch-up Premium Strategy. 


Catch up Premium Date  
Catch Up Premium Strategy 2021 25th May 2021 Download
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