Home Learning: June and July

Week 7 (week beginning 13th July) Our Final Week of the Summer Term

  • Remember to collect your school report and summer pre - learning pack on Friday 17th July.
  • We look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th July for your class picnic!


Click on the timetable below to open a pdf version. 

Timetable 1

Timetable 3

Maths is Cool song:


Welcome to the second half of the summer term!

Here you will find the timetable for each week outlining the lessons and resources, as well as any website links to support home learning. 

If you wish to view any of the resources and information from last half term, please click here.

Click on the timetable below to download a pdf version.




Please click on the subheadings below to explore resources and activities linked to each subject or area (matched to the timetable above): 

Collective Worship

Here are our 'Pause and Reflect' activities:

Week 1: Parable of the Talents

Week 2: Being Thankful

Week 3:  Serving Others

Week 4: Truth

Week 5: Creativity

Week 6: Helping those in Need

Week 7: New Steps

Week 8: Lost and Found


Collective Worship

Aim High - led by Mrs Lightfoot:

Encourage - Led by Mrs Penfold

Have Faith - Led by Miss Hills

Friendship: Led by Father Andrew

Father Andrew has suggested the song: Shine Jesus Shine! to go with this collective worship; perhaps you could find it on YouTube.

Look back at all you have achieved - Led by Miss Cunnington

Moving On - Led by Mrs Moyle


To practise the reading set by your teacher on Bug Club via Pearson Active Learn, please click on the image below.

If you have not already done so, you can request your child's username and password by emailing

Bug Club Badge 300x300px


Click on the image below to be taken to year group specific reading tasks linked to Bug Club books:

Bug Club


Here are some other useful websites and links for reading materials:


Oxford Owls: A range of online reading books linked to colour band, age and phonic strategy (we use Read Write Inc - please see the phonics section below for further information).

Oxford owl


Audible - free access to children's audio books: 


The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 has begun. Please click on the image below to be taken to the website. How many books will you read?

The Summer Reading Challenge




Phonics Play 

A range of games, resources and activities useful for practising phonic knowledge.   Click on the image below to be taken to the website.

Username: march 20     Password: home

Phonics Play


Read Write Inc

This is the phonic approach we use in school, developed by Ruth Miskin. Read Write Inc are producing daily videos during this time to support home learning. Please click on the image below to be taken to the Read Write Inc YouTube channel and read below for more information.

Read Write Inc

In addition there are informative videos for parents, to support you in understanding the Read Write Inc approach and how to use the YouTube video content to support your child's learning:

Here are some pointers as to which set of video lessons would be most appropriate to your child. Generally these phonics lessons are appropriate for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. However children new to the English language may also find them beneficial.

Set 1: These videos are best suited to children in Nursery, beginner readers in Reception and children who are new to English. These are the set 1 sounds:

Read Write Inc Set 1 sounds


Once your child knows all the set 1 sounds and is able to blend (read) and segment (spell) simple words with these sounds then they may be ready to learn set 2 sounds. The set 2 sounds introduce some of the vowel sounds made using two letters (digraphs) and three letters (trigraphs). Children in Reception and Year 1 practise these sounds once they have mastered the set 1 sounds.

Read Write Inc Set 2 sounds

Children that know all of their set 1 and 2 sounds and can confidently read and write words, phrases and sentences containing them may be ready to learn set 3 sounds.

Set 3 sounds introduce alternative ways of spelling vowel sounds:

Read Write Inc Set 3 sounds


Click on the year group below to download a list of keywords and foci for spellings:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


The following images give some guidance on the handwriting for this term.

Where appropriate, you might refer to the spelling lists above to practise words with these patterns.

Handwriting 1 Nursery

Handwriting 2 Reception

Handwriting 3 Y1

Handwriting 4 Y2

Handwriting 5 Y3

Handwriting 4 Y2

Handwriting 5 Y3

Handwriting 6 Y4

Handwriting 7 Y5

Handwriting 8 Y6

Writing Packs and Video Clips

Here are the video clips to support the writing packs that have been emailed to you. Click on the image to view the video clips linked to the lessons we have created.

Snail and the whale Oi frog
Lost and Found The dragon machine
The bfg Weslandia
Jabberwocky The promise

Texts for your second writing pack:

What the ladybird heard Hairy MaClary
Stanleys Stick The Great Fire of London
Flotsam The Iron Man
Percy Jackson The Hidden Forest

A few more writing packs...

Aaaarrgghh Spider

Recommended for Nursery

Pig the Pug

Recommended for Year 1

Ocean meets sky

Recommended for Year 2

Cinderella on the Nile

Recommended for Year 3


Recommended for Year 6



Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars

Practise your number facts and skills, developing speed as you do (for children Reception to Year 6):

Timestables Rockstars:


Please contact the school office if your child does not know their login and password for Timestables Rockstars or Numbots. Alternatively you can request login information via the links below and our school office will email this to you when received. 


Click on our school badge for Maths activities set by class teachers:

Maths activities


To access and use the work that has been allocated to you on Abacus Maths and The Maths Factor via Pearson Active Learn, please click on the image below:

Abacus and maths factor

You need a username and password to access this content and activities - please contact the school office to request this.

You can check with your teacher in your weekly zoom sessions, if you have any questions.

Numbers Count Maths Activities

Well being and PSHCE

Select a new idea from the wellbeing grid below to carry out each day. Across your week, try to consider the wellbeing of yourself, your family and others you can also impact. Remember, you don't have to be physically with someone to impact postively on their wellbeing.

You might even have some of your own ideas you can carry out too.

Wellbeing Home Learning Ideas

Wellbeing Home Learning Ideas 2

Wellbeing Home Learning Ideas 3

Active Challenges

Get Active Home Learning 1

Get Active Home Learning 2

Kindness Challenge

What will your kindness challenge be today? Select something from the following grid:

Kindness Challenge

Get Creative

Creative Home Learning Ideas

French and Spanish

Year 3 - Spanish

Week 1      Answers

Week 2      Answers

Week 3      Answers

Week 4      Answers

Week 5      Answers

Year 4 - Spanish

Week 1    Answers

Week 2    Answers

Week 3    Answers

Week 4   Answers

Week 5   Answers

Year 5 - French

Week 1    Answers

Week 2    Answers

Week 3    Answers

Week 4   Answers

Week 5    Answers

Year 6 - French

Week 1      Answers

Week 2      Answers

Week 3      Answers

Week 4      Answers

Week 5      Answers

Reflect and Share

Keep a diary and add to it at the end of every day. 

What you have learnt?

How are you feeling?

What are you proud of today?

What would you like to achieve tomorrow?

What would you like to share about your day?


What's been shared on twitter?

Take a look at our twitter feed: @StMattsSch

What could you email in that could be shared with your class teacher and/or on twitter with others?


Each we we add a video of Mrs Dyer teaching us a series of new makaton signs. Maybe you could send us a video of you learning and performing these?

Week 1 This Little Light of Mine:

Week 2 Jubilate Deo

Week 3: A short prayer to accompany Mrs Penfold's Collective Worship


You can also view the videos Mrs Dyer created last half term, in the makaton tab on this page:

Internet Safety

While we all appreciate the role modern technology is having in helping us to communicate at the moment, it is also a good time to remind us all of using this technology safely. The following websites provide invaluable support to help keep your child safe online:

Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)

Internet matters (support for parents to keep their children safe online)

Parent info (support for parents to keep their children safe online)

LGfL (support for parents to keep their children safe online)

Net-aware (support for parents and careers from the NSPCC)

Digital 5 a day (Easy to follow, practical steps for children and parents to achieve a healthy and balanced digital diet)

Activities to support children learning the English language

Activities for Nursery Children

The following activities, will support your child in developing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them as well as their creativity:

Science - Lava Lamp Experiment

Science and Art - Using sticks to support learning outdoors

Science - Life Cycles

RE - The 7 day creation challenge

RE - Jonah and the Whale


Phonics Activities:

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3 


How to make a graduation cap: for our Nursery leavers to wear on their farewell zoom celebration

Early Years and Key Stage One Story time

Not Now Bernard - Read by Mr Skuse


Kitchen Disco - Read by Mrs Worthington


Little Red Hen - Told by Mrs Dyer

Mr Large In Charge - Read by Mrs Semple

My Friend Bear - Read by Miss Williams

The Bumblebear - Read by Mr Taylor

Dear Zoo - Read by Mrs Dyer (with makaton)

Aaaarrggh, Spider! Read by Miss Hekmoun

Monkey Puzzle - Read by Mrs Worthington

Who's in the Loo - Read by Mrs Semple

Lila and the Secret of the Rain - Read by Mrs Powell

Spider Sandwiches - Read by Miss Binney

Year 6 Transition Resources


Transition Project (week beginning 22nd June)


What can we learn from the scientific revolutions of the past to create new solutions for a greener future?

Week 1 Project Booklet     Week 1 Project Resources

Week 2 Project Booklet     Week 2 Project Resources       Week 2 Project Information

Week 3 Project Booklet

Activities and Challenges from Bike It Pat

Well done to Vihaan, who has won FIRST PRIZE the Active Travel Adventure story competition! We look forward to hearing all about your new bike!


Follow Pat on twitter @bike_pat   as he will be uploading more activities and reosurces over the summer!


Competition Time! - NOW CLOSED - 

Can you use your imagination to create a story of your own adventure using your own version a of human powered machine? If so, you can enter this fabulous competition, run by Bike It Pat!

Click here to download the competition entry sheet, more information, to view an example and to complete a permissions form




1.       Submissions of the children’s work need to be sent to school by Thursday 25th June at the latest to enable us to send it on to Bike it Pat in time.

2.       Pat will select the best three entries based on the story content and illustration (hint - there are top tips on the link above).

3.       Submissions of the story and illustration can be scanned or photographed and sent to school  explaining that it is for the Bike it Pat competition.

4.       Please include your name, school and year group in the email so that if you win you can be identified.

6.       Pat will contact winners via school w/c 29 June.


The Prizes:

Pat will be selecting three submissions across Reigate and Banstead to win one of the following prizes:

1st Place: A bike to the value of £100 from Bikes Revived. See Bikes Revived kids bikes here:

2nd Place: Decathlon gift card to the value of £50.

3rd Place: Assorted cycling spares pack – puncture repair kit, pump, tyre levers (all you need to fix a puncture).


We look forward to receiving some wonderful and creative stories ready to send on to Pat!

Week 6 Home Learning: Transition Themed

Week 6 (week beginning 6th July) Transition Week

For week six of this half term we would like all of our pupils to focus on transition. The activities below, themed by day, allow the opportunity for children to reflect on their time in their current class, discuss their favourite memories and achievements whilst also considering their hopes and dreams for the next academic year. 

You can use these activities along with aspects of the current timetable,  to plan your home learning days. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the time to reflect on the past and plan for the future and look forwards to seeing your thoughts and creations brought to life!

Click here for activity suggestions.

Summer pre-learning packs

Here are copies of the summer pre-learning packs that went home on Friday 17th July with your child's report.

Preparing for Nursery

Preparing for Reception

Preparing for Year 1

Preparing for Year 2

Preparing for Year 3

Preparing for Year 4

Preparing for Year 5

Preparing for Year 6

Preparing for Sun Class

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you on 2nd September with your completed home learning pack!


The UK Blessing

The UK Blessing

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