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Posted on: 10/05/2019

Year 4 - Varmints Project

There once was a time when the world was full of beauty and light. The only sounds were “the bees, the whispering wind in the wiry grass…and the song of birds in the high blue sky.” A few beings enjoyed this world, listening to the gentle sounds and appreciating what they had.

Then others came, and they build huge ugly buildings that blotted out the sky. This new world was so noisy that the sounds of birdsong and grass rustling were drowned out. More and more others came until everything was so noisy that “no one could hear themselves think!”

As part of their cross-curricular project based around  the Varmints text they have been studying, Year 4 hosted a tea party in which their parents were invited.

Watch the video clip below to explore more of the wonderful learning linked to this project:


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