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Posted on: 12/06/2019

Reception visit Bockett's Farm

Reception had a fabulous time at Bockett’s Farm today, exploring various animals and crops.

We saw piglets, llamas, alapaca, goats, sheep, cows and a donkey in the main barn and were even able to feed some of the animals. We had to hold the animal food with our hands very flat. Some of the animals tickled our hands when they ate!

We watched a goat being milked and learnt about the different things that could be made with goats milk. Then we were able to stroke the goat, a rabbit, guinea pig and mouse. The rabbit felt so soft compared to the rough hair on the goat!

After that we explored the gardens where there were all sorts of fruits and vegetables being grown. We used our phonic sounds to read the labels on the fruit and vegetables.

The bees were busy pollinating some of the crops too, which fascinated us.

We were amazed by the colour feathers of the peacock who proudly strutted around.

After lunch we watched pigs racing, and were pleased that one of the pigs we chose won the race!

Our tractor ride was bumpy and fun. We could see for miles around! As we were taken around, we learnt about the numbering of the sheep and lambs and even saw some deer.

We were all very tired on our way back to school – what a fantastic trip!

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